There is no faceless corporation behind this site and the business. This is all the rantings of one person – me. I have been doing broadcast design and documentation in AutoCAD, Excel  etc. since 1998. Over the years I’ve picked up a few things, had a few ideas, made a few mistake (oh, yes). I never went to a University of CAD, mostly because there isn’t one.

I have been developing AutoCAD plugins since 2005, starting in Lisp & VBA and later adopting C# as my language of choice. TechEd Australia 2008 was probably the pivotal moment for me, when I decided that a return to coding was where I am (eventually) headed.  I have been a Microsoft Partner for many years and I am also an Autodesk Developer Network Member.

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In a former existence, the temporal distance from now which I am increasingly in denial of, I wrote games on a Commodore Vic-20. It was the early 80s.

CADbloke does CAD

but not as you may know it...I design and document the installation and wiring for Broadcast Television facilities. I have been doing Broadcast System Design CAD since the late 90’s when I landed a dream backpacker job working for Formula One for a couple of seasons.

In my view, CAD drawings are more than just diagrams – they are the database of your entire installation. They are what once existed, what now exists and what will exist. That data can be mined and manipulated, collated and corrected, Extracted and implanted.

There are a lot of tedious and error-prone aspects of Broadcast System Design in AutoCAD. The biggest problem, in my humble opinion is keeping the information wrangled. The other huge problem is keeping track of where you are at and where you are going. Installation time is always the acid test of how good your documentation system and workflows are. There’s nothing like a dozen cranky wiremen to make you aware of this.

As you will see around this site, it’s not all CAD and cable numbers. I like to inject a little humour here and there but, rest assured, I take my CAD very seriously.

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Ewen has been doing CAD & Software since the 20th Century.

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